core values

Metric5’s Core Values provide the framework for how we run our business to best serve your business.

Do it the right way.

At Metric5, we obsess over quality. Quality is the result of understanding the end goal, avoiding shortcuts, identifying and correcting mistakes, and knowing that the right decision isn’t always the easy decision. We have always embraced the mantra of “doing it the right way” as a guide for ensuring high-quality results for our customers.


We do not believe that leadership only comes from the top down; we lead at every level. We lead by earning trust and respect through our actions, owning our work from start to finish, and providing the best expertise and service for our customers.

Live and learn…and teach.

Metric5’s employee culture is built on a philosophy of continuous personal growth and teamwork. Developing new skills and learning through experience is very important to our firm, as is sharing those skills and experiences to grow the capabilities of those around us. We pride ourselves on hiring the best people and making them stronger through learning, teaching, and collaboration.

Be the “go-to”.

Expertise, reliability, and a great attitude are all key to our success. Each employee at Metric5 applies these principles daily. Our goal is always to become our customer’s go-to advisor, go-to manager, go-to developer, go-to consultant, go-to company for a job done right.

Have some fun.

At Metric5, we value laughter, humor, and humility. We take our work seriously, but we have fun while we’re doing it. We’ve found that a fun work environment brings out the best in our employees and the best results in our projects.